Summer Bumps

Here at Colief HQ, we believe pregnancy is a wonderful and awe-inspiring experience, bonding mother and baby both physically and emotionally. However, it isn’t all plain sailing… quite frankly, some aspects of pregnancy are really uncomfortable – particularly for those carrying during summer months! You may be anxious about how to cope so we are here to help prevent hot-weather woes with our top tips on how to survive a summer pregnancy.

Swelling – particularly your calves, ankles and feet – can happen to us all in the summer, especially if you are pregnant. To combat this, make sure to get your feet up frequently throughout the day (hot or not, you should be resting either way!). Drinking lots of water not only helps prevent water retention and swollen extremities, but it is also particularly important for keeping you hydrated in the heat.

Pregnant skin is already stretched and tired but the summer heat can add to this discomfort by making it more dry and itchy. As well as making sure you are wearing SPF whilst out and about in the sun, we recommend using our Colief® Mum To Be Moisturising Cream at night to gently moisturise and soothe your skin (with the added bonus of preventing the appearance of stretch marks too!). The unique blend of rich plants oils and essential vitamins offer the perfect solution to your skin complaints.

The heat may also cause chafing, but there are loads of suitable easy-to-wear and stylish maternity clothing options that allow you to dress for both your bump and the heat. Whether you are working your last shifts before maternity leave, attending a summer party, or just relaxing in the park on a hot weekend afternoon, brands ranging from Mothercare to ASOS offer lightweight clothes that you can easily layer to suit temperamental British summers.

Finally, UK Government advice states all pregnant and breastfeeding women are at greater risk of having vitamin D deficiency. The summer months are perfect to help to combat this with increased sunshine and hopefully more time spent enjoying the outdoors! However, when the days inevitably begin to get shorter and when your baby has arrived, investing in daily vitamin D supplements can ensure you receive sufficient vitamin D in winter. Our Colief® Vitamin D3 Drops are specially designed to provide the correct amount of vitamin D, ensuring both you and your baby maintain a healthy level of the vitamin.