About Colief®

Colief® offers a range of gentle products that provide soothing comfort to babies, children and new mothers. Colief’s scientific knowledge and proven expertise in colic caused by temporary lactose intolerance informed the development of Colief Infant Drops two decades ago. Now, the brand offers an extended mum and baby care range.

About Milkaid®

Milkaid® improves lactose digestion so you can enjoy the goodness of milk and dairy foods again. Being lactose intolerant used to mean giving up milk, dairy foods and the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins they provide. Milkaid® contains lactase enzyme, a safe natural enzyme that is usually found in the digestive system. It works by breaking down the complex milk sugar lactose, into two more easily digestible sugars – glucose and galactose.

Infant Drops 15ml


Breathe Easy Patch 6's


Baby Scalp Oil 30ml


Lactase Enzyme Tablets 120's


Lactase Enzyme Drops 15ml *expiry September 2022*


Junior Lactase Enzyme Tablets 60's


Vitamin D3 Drops 200IU 20ml